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    We assist you in launching your technology business in the US, ensuring you have success.


    We make strategic introductions to potential partners that will help your business grow.


    We pitch you to the media to get you beneficial press coverage and tell your story.


    International Expansion

    Grow your startup

    We work internationally, particularly in Europe and South America, to help startups expand into the USA.

  • WORK

    We've worked with startups from around the world to help them grow by expanding into the US Market


    Startup Chile

    When startups graduating from Startup Chile needed help expanding into the US market, we guided them through it.


    Barcelona Startup Week

    Running international public relations for the first and second Barcelona Startup Weeks led us to assisting several Spanish companies in their launch efforts abroad.


    La Plata Hub

    Working with startups from Buenos Aires to launch in Silicon Valley opened up their global footprint.


    {Stealth Co}

    In order to create worldwide momentum for a tiny Nordic startup, we developed a lean but effective marketing strategy.

    South Korea

    Geeks from Gangnam

    Throwing a big bash at SXSW in Austin TX for the tech startups from Seoul helped them form partnerships with VCs and customers.



    The Interactive Resource arranged a media opportunity for me and my company that resulted in us being featured on front page of Crain's New York Business. They know absolutely everyone and are great at connecting you to who you need to meet. Christine knows everyone. She's also smart, talented, hard-working, and an expert at introducing you to people you need to know. I highly recommend working with Christine if you want the right people to hear about what you're up to.

    - Mike Lingle


    Christine is a knowledgeable and conscientious resource for digital business development, communications and recruiting activities. She is a wonderful connector of people. She helped my company find new clients and introduced me to some great resources.

    - Camille Schenkel


    I have worked with Christine for more than a decade on a variety of healthcare, internet, and marketing projects. Her gift is connecting clients with cutting edge resources (both human and technical) with lightning speed. She is a reliable project manager, resourceful researcher, and creative marketer. What truly sets her apart is that she is always a joy to work with—extraordinarily gifted at managing challenging situations and people with exceptional good grace and humor.

    - Sinead St. John Thornton


  • Global Event Planning

    We throw the best parties around the world

    Smart Island World Congress - Mallorca

    Mallorca, Spain - April 21 - 23, 2018

    Mobile World Congress

    Barcelona, Spain - February 27, 2017

    Smart City Expo World Congress

    Barcelona, Spain - November 15, 2016

    IOT Solutions World Congress

    Barcelona, Spain - October 25, 2016

    South By Southwest - Pebble Watch Kickstarter SXSW Party

    Austin, TX - March 14, 2015

    Cannes Film Festival - 'Soul Boys of the Western World' Film Party

    Cannes, France - May 16, 2014

    South By Southwest - Expedia Party

    Austin, TX - March 9, 2014

    South By Southwest - South Korea Geeks from Gangnam at SXSW

    Austin, TX - March 10, 2014

    South By Southwest - TripIt (now Concur) SXSW Brunch

    Austin, TX - March 11, 2012

  • Market Research + Insights

    Solving Problems by Uncovering What Consumers Want

    What Does Customer Insight Research Do?

    Identify Deep Insights into the Minds of Your Customers

    Uncover opportunities on where you should go next with your products or services.


    Understanding customer needs, desires, attitudes, behaviors gives you evidence and direction to drive product, business, branding, and marketing strategy decisions.

    Who Needs Needs Customer Insights?

    Companies That Want to Prepare for the Future

    • Retail + Grocery
    • Consumer Product Manufacturer
    • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Medical + Pharmaceutical
    • Banks, Financial Services + FinTech
    • Professional Services Firms
    • Digital + App Developers

    How Do We Conduct Insight Research?

    Detect, Define + Declassify What Your Customers Want

    We use ethnography to understand the point of view of the customer. This generates an empathic perspective about your market and their experiences with and opinions of your company, its products or services.


    We use both Qualitative and Quantitative Research techniques (to tell a story or take multiple choice), Observational Research (to investigate consumer behavior in retail or product usage), and In-Person Interviews (to elicit first-hand feedback from your customers).

    About Our Team

    Using 'Design Thinking' to Guide Brands to Innovate

    We are a team of experienced brand strategists, insights researchers, behaviorists, cultural anthropologists, designers and inventors guiding brands through an exploratory process to uncover and discover the pain points, needs and insights of their customers.








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